Emmanuel Farge

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 Emmanuel     Farge
Speciality : Research Director 2nd class INSERM
Phone : +33 (0)1 56 24 67 60
Fax : +33 (0)1 40 51 06 36
E-mail address : emmanuel.farge@curie.fr

Trained as a physicist (U-Paris7 Magistère, 1984-89), switched to biophysics in the Physico-Chemistry Biology Institute Paris, in 1989 as a Ph.D. student where he worked on the soft matter elastic response of biological membranes to biochemical active trans-membrane translocation of phospholipids ("flippase"), leading to endocytic-like vesiculation on liposome model systems (PhD, 1993). In 1994, he joined the Pasteur Institute in Paris (as assistant professor of U-Paris 7, 1993), where he revealed the motor role of the "flippase" in the endocytic vesiculation in living cells. He then moved on to head his own group at the Curie Institute in Paris in 1997 (Institut Universitaire de France, 99-04), modelling the mechanics of endocytosis in quantitative relation to living cells experiments, and demonstrating the mechanical induction of gene expression though the mechanical inhibition of morphogene endocytosis. In parallel, the Drosophila embryo was introduced to study the feedback role of the mechanical strains developed by gastrulation morphogenetic movements into the regulation of patterned gene expression, through the finding of the mechanical induction in Twist expression in the future anterior gut track cells, specifically strain compressed by the morphogenetic movement of convergent extension, and vital in functional anterior gut track development. Currently, the Farge (Research Director Inserm, 2006) group combines the tools of genetics, experimental and in silico biomechanics to unravel the underlying mechanisms of biological molecular to mechanical multi-cellular phenotype interplay during embryonic morphogenesis and tumour development.