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Every Wednesday morning the UMR168 organizes seminars at Amphitheater Curie (map), from 11h30 to 12h30.

 You will also find in this section the PhD's defense adverts.

October 2014

Wednesday 1
Prof Mustafa Khammash, hosted by M. Coppey
Cybergenetics: Feedback Control of Living Cells. 

Wednesday 8
Equipe Pascal Martin 

Wednesday 15
Prof Alexander Grosberg,hosted by J.-F. Joanny

International course announcement : Multi-scale integration in biological systems - November 13-18, 2014

International course announcement : Multi-scale integration in biological systems - Paris, November 13-18, 2014

Theme of course: Physical description of biological systems, from the single molecule to organisms.

Description of course: One of the fundamental issues in biology is the understanding of the relationship between the multiple spatial and temporal scales observed in a biological system. From molecules to a cellular function, from a collection of cells to an organism, or from individuals to a population, the complex interactions between singular elements can give rise to “emergent” properties at the ensemble level. To what extent can the spatial and temporal order seen at the system level be explained by subscale properties?

Objective of course: The course will give an overview of modern physical tools that have been developed to address the issue of scale integration (mornings) and will show how these tools can be applied to specific biological systems (afternoons).


  • Statistical physics of out of equilibrium systems / Information theory, inference techniques.
  • Non-linear physics, criticality / bistability, switches, oscillations, signal amplification.
  • Self-organization, collective phenomenon, phase transitions / pattern formation, flocks, cellular architecture, development.
  • Evolution, cooperativity and competition / population genetics, evolutionary approach of 

Provisional Program:

Renovation work of IPGG started on September  1st, 2014

Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes will gather within a year 14 research teams from ESPCI, Institut Curie, ENS and ENSCP, around the same discipline: Microfluidics.

Double winner of Investissements d'Avenir 2009 (Equipex and LABEX PSL), the IPGG brings together the research activities in microfluidics of Montagne Sainte-Geneviève in Paris.